Pouch Cove is located on the east coast of Newfoundland, twenty kilometers north of St. John's, Newfoundland's capital city. The Pouch Cove Foundation is housed in a converted school building nestled between the sea and the meadows and forests that trace its shores. The East Coast Trail, long a popular route for hikers and adventurers, runs through Pouch Cove, and continues north and south along the entire eastern coast of the Avalon Peninsula. Settled in the 1800's, Pouch Cove now has a population of nearly 1,500. The town has playground areas, a Provincial Park, blueberry picking grounds, and a centuries old lighthouse at Cape St. Francis, just up the road from the Foundation.
The weather is quite unpredictable, and while Newfoundlanders think of The Rock as having a moderate maritime climate, visitors are surprised by the coolness. In the spring there are icebergs outside the windows, and during the summer, whales frolic in the cove. The fall has the most consistently good weather, and in the winter, the heavy seas are a sight to behold.